My first loafs of sourdough bread using WHOLEGRAIN FLOUR. Ill never forget when I baked my first loaf.  Talk about a proud moment.  From the second I pulled the loaf from the oven, I was hooked!.  I want you to share the same feeling of accomplishment.  Once you get your sourdough starter going, you’ll get … Read more

About Whole Grains

For thousands of years, grain and grain products have been one of the most valuable sources of nutrition. Whole grain provides almost all the nutrients we need for our dietary requirements. Carbohydrate (starch), fat and proteins in cereals provide the body with energy. Vitamins and minerals are needed, to regulate body functions such as the … Read more


400g  freshly ground flour 1  tsp sugar 1  tbsp salt ¼  cube of fresh  yeast 270  ml of lukewarm  water some freshly ground flour  for dough processing PREPARE Mix fresh flour with salt and sugar in a bowl. Crumble in the yeast, add 270ml of lukewarm water and stir together. Cover and leave the very soft dough to rest for at least 2 hours. Generously flour the worktop and fold … Read more

did you know ?

The average person has been eating between 2 to 7 slices of bread per day, for hundreds of years