About Whole Grains

For thousands of years, grain and grain products have been one of the most valuable sources of nutrition. Whole grain provides almost all the nutrients we need for our dietary requirements. Carbohydrate (starch), fat and proteins in cereals provide the body with energy. Vitamins and minerals are needed, to regulate body functions such as the … Read more


INGREDIENTS: For the fruit bread: 300g freshly ground spelt 100 grams of almonds 100g cashew nuts 100 grams of hazelnuts 125g sultanas 125g dried apricots 125 grams of dates 125 g dried figs 3 apples 2 cl lemon juice 1/8 l orange juice 2 tsp gingerbread spice1 tsp salt PREPARE: Grind the spelt into flour … Read more


400g  freshly ground flour 1  tsp sugar 1  tbsp salt ¼  cube of fresh  yeast 270  ml of lukewarm  water some freshly ground flour  for dough processing PREPARE Mix fresh flour with salt and sugar in a bowl. Crumble in the yeast, add 270ml of lukewarm water and stir together. Cover and leave the very soft dough to rest for at least 2 hours. Generously flour the worktop and fold … Read more

did you know ?

The average person has been eating between 2 to 7 slices of bread per day, for hundreds of years

Tony’s BILLY 100 and his new OAT FLAKER

We used to make our flour with a rather cumbersome, less-than-satisfactory stand mixer. A year ago, I replaced it with the Hawos BILLY 100 flour mill; my wife and I are both delighted with it. Its always ready, the grinding speed is good and the flour is WONDERFUL: SILKY FINE Just yesterday, our new Eschenfelder … Read more

Is the flour output fine from a stone mill?

Fine flour output from the Hawos, Schnitzer & KoMo 90-100mm mill-work is particularly good at > than 90% under 300 micron. This translates into genuinely fine flours when the finest setting is desired. The output makes fantastic breads without sieving, and where sour dough benefits greatly from the complete balance. Sieving is of course an … Read more