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Messerschmidt Hand Mill System

PRICE - from $218 Check POST Rates >

ME Cone Mill+Drive $218
(includes mill & drive base)

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ME Stone Mill+Drive $228
(includes mill & drive base)

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ME1 Hand System $318
includes ME Steel Cone Mill
Flaker & Drive Base

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ME2 Hand System $328
includes Schnitzer Stone Mill
Flaker & Drive Base
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ME Cone Mill - $138
(mill attachment only)
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ME Flaker - $108
(mill attachment only)
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Schnitzer Stone Mill -$148
(mill attachment only)
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ME Drive Base - $88
(hand drive base only)
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Messerschmidt Hand Mills have a family history of generations. The simple and robust design has stood the test of time, providing both milling & flaking functions for grains, seeds and hard dry nuts.
The ME1 Hand System includes one each of the Cone Mill, Flaker and Drive base. The ME2 Hand System includes one each of the Schnitzer Stone Mill, ME Flaker and Drive base. Both Systems are the most economic way to have both flour and flakes from the one set up.
The ME Cone Mill uses small conical steel burs to produce a wide range of outputs. The precision front-adjustment allows from very fine to coarse milling of all the regular grains for fresh flours, plus the ability to do fresh seed meals & coffee. The auger that drives the product forward to the milling head is long, deep veined and positive, providing good drive even for small items like poppy seeds. The hopper holds up to 1200g. Cleaning, if required, is simple and easy with hand only assembly.
The ME Flaker makes easy work of pressing whole oat kernels into freshly rolled oats. The pressing is preset to medium. The hopper holds up to 1200g of oat kernels.
The Schnitzer Stone Mill attachment uses the same Naxos Basalt in Magnesite stone as found in the Country & Campo hand mills. Suited to grinding of all the regular dry grains, this is an economical solution for those wanting stone milling, particularly so with the option of including the ME flaker for rolling fresh oats and the ME Steel Cone Mill for seed, hard dry nut and coffee grinding.
The Drive Base is made of multiple laminate Beech wood. Using a sturdy G-Type undertable clamp through the widened foot that hangs over the table edge, it is strong and stable. The handle fits positively into the drive and has a spinning grip which is important for easy milling. Changing between attachments is a simple "twist and remove then replace" operation with a locking switch.
The body is made from very strong food grade plastic.
The HEX drive insert on the Drive Base could also be adapted for alternate powered sources with pulley and belt.

Output 35-90 grams per minute @ 80 RPM
Hopper Size 1200 grams
Drive Base Dim. H220mm, W135, D80

Cone Mill Dim.
Stone Mill Dim.

H260mm, W160, D180 w hopper
H180mm, W110, D170 w hopper
Flaker Dim. H205mm, W160, D180 w hopper
Weight Base 0.5 | ConeMill 0.6 | Flaker 0.7 kg
Cone Grinding
Stone Grinding
Case Hardened Precise Steel - 35mm Ø
Basalt Stone in Magnesite - 50mm Ø
Flaking Plated Steel Rollers - 20mm Ø
Warranty 2 years parts domestic
Origin Messerschmidt Germany



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"We have used a Schnitzer Mill for the last 5 years and have milled organic wheat and rye for our bread, and organic oats for our muesli. Our bread would be one of the purest and most beneficial foods one could consume" P.Cox

"I use fresh whole meal flour for everything. I do not use white flour at all. The flavour of food made with fresh whole-meal flour is far superior to that of white flour products." G.Marriott

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