Hand SIEVE – 18cm Coarse


This is a high quality hand SIEVE for achieving a uniform coarse grade of cracked grains from the coarse output of your stone mill. Made with a solid spruce hoop, the high grade stainless steel mesh sieves your stone ground grains with ease. Suitable for semolina and other recipes that require coarsely kibbled grains.

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This coarse sieve produces a graded output for semolina and coarse (kibbled) grain.

On the coarse settings, your stone grain mill will provide true kibbled output straight from the mill and will include a small % of finer particles. For removal of the finer component from the output, this SIEVE allows you easily achieve a uniform grade of the coarsely cracked grains, ideal for recipes that need this.

Using this coarse SIEVE for regular or gluten free flours will retain all the nutrient and taste benefits of home milling.

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