Hand SIEVE SET – 20cm Fine + 18cm Coarse


This is a high quality flour SIEVE SET for achieving an extra 3 grades of flour on top of the finest flours from your stone mill output. Made with solid spruce hoops, the high grade stainless steel mesh sieves your stone ground flour with ease. Suitable for achieving extra fine-to-coarse flours for pastries, pizza and breads, bran and semolina.

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This is a high quality sieve set for achieving an extra 3 grades of flour;
1) the 1.5mm coarse 18cm hoop sieves out only the very coarse parts of the bran, useful for light sifting and semolina type grading, then
2) the 0.5mm fine 20cm hoop sieves out the lighter bran, and
3) the final output is super fine OO type flour. Grains like wheat yield a minimum of 90% flour and 10% light bran.
On the fine settings, your stone grain mill will provide very fine wholemeal flours straight from the mill, which includes the tiny bran flecks for grains like wheat – this is true, fresh wholemeal flour. If you wish to remove the wholemeal bran for finer baking, this SIEVE SET allows you to do just that. The bran removed is still useful in your cooking, and the sifted flour is still fresh and alive with enzymes.
Milling on the coarser settings of your mill gives a coarser output, allowing you to use the coarse sieve for semolina grading. This achieves a regular particle size for certain recipes (with maize for example) and special breads etc.
Using this SIEVE SET for regular or gluten free flours will retain all the nutrient and taste benefits of home milling, and provide more flour grade options for your recipes where needed.
Take your baking to the next level with this set, for high quality multi-grade flours.

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