Hawos MOLERE Pulley Kit


PULLEY KIT to power the Hawos MOLERE hand mill. Comprises large & small pulley set with V-Belt. Adapt motor, wind or pedal power for your grain mill operation.

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Adapt your power source to the Molere hand mill – large custom cast 10″ threaded pulley fits directly onto the mill drive shaft and small 2″ pulley fits to power source (0.5″ center Ø with grub screw) – plus A-Section V belt.

Reducing at roughly 10:1, the pulley set will bring a motor with 1440 RPM (a common electric motor speed) down to the 140 RPM recommended.

Other power sources include pedal, solar etc.

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Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 30 × 34 × 10 cm