Made in solid Beechwood, this attractive hand grain mill uses fine grain milling stones for fine / coarse flours. Ideal for everyday use, travel or survival. Dual table clamp. Dual bearing design, ideal for Pulley Set motorisation.

  • 25-80 grams per minute output
  • Hopper 150grams
  • 70mm Corundum-in-Ceramic milling stones
  • Glass Bowl include
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The MOLERE is a medium size hand mill using corundum-in-ceramic mill stones – the same stone used in the electric stone grinders. Features include solid timber housing, a strong handle with spinning timber grip and heavy duty double table-clamp. The ergonomic design is simple and compact, suitable for everyday use, travel or survival. Great for children to use too.
Built in two parts from attractive beech wood, the two nuts at the back adjust the front stone against the back rotating stone, making it possible for very fine to coarse grinding.

Anything from slightly cracked grains, coarse garnishes through to fine flour for pastries and breads can be produced.

The dual roller bearings on the drive shaft provide excellent support for long service life and powered use with the belt and pulley set.

Pulley  Kit – adapt your power source to the Molere hand mill. Custom cast 10″pulley fits the mill drive shaft and small 1.25″ pulley fits to power source (0.5″ center Ø). Reducing at roughly 8:1, the pulley set will bring a motor with 1440 RPM (a common electric motor speed) down to approx. 200 RPM.

Additional information

Weight 3.9 kg
Dimensions 25 × 22 × 22 cm





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