Australia’s “must-have kitchen appliance” a flour mill for life

A grain mill will produce fresh, whole grain flour & flakes with top nutrients and taste… and it’s so easy.
Whether you feed a busy family, have a special diet, or simply want to get back to whole-food essentials, we have a mill that will suit your needs and budget. Our product range includes, electric grain flour mills, hand mills, commercial mills, cereal flakers and other kitchenware baking accessories.
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Wholegrain Nutrition
A kitchen grain mill allows you to make the freshest flours at home, packed full of nutrients and enzymes. Don’t settle for unhealthy factory milled flours, stripped of flavour and natures balance – choose a quality European made Skippy Grain Mill for life.


The Ingredients You Want
Combine grains, pulses, seeds & spices in your own special way. Unlock the power of whole grains in your own kitchen by milling them fresh as needed. Begin your fresh flour journey today, and enjoy the process for a lifetime.


Feel Satisfied
Using whole foods is naturally good for health and well being. Take the time to source whole grains, seeds and spices. Take the time to mill them fresh as needed in your own kitchen. Make it your choice and be satisfied. Make it a grain mill for life.


“My stone grain mill arrived today just two days after ordering. I really appreciate your good service and this machines is a high quality product that looks good and works well.”
Jason, NSW

“The first test i did with the Skippy Mill was an eye opener beyond belief. Making the dough with freshly milled flour is such a great experience. The dough is beautifully alive and full of enzyme activity. The flavour of the bread is out of this world. Every home baker should mill the flour just before mixing the dough and have this as the standard.”
Michael Klausen
Founder Brasserie Bread

“Many thanks for the wonderful grain mill I purchased some weeks ago from you. It works beautifully and the resulting flour/flakes are incomparable to any shop-bought produce. The fussy family even enjoys the resultant bread (one teen will only eat my bread!).”
Margaret, SA