KAREN’S rye wholegrain starter success

I am very pleased with my rye grain sourdough starter. Flour ground with my Schnitzer VARIO Grain Mill. A great wholegrain sourdough starter every time. 100% Rye wholegrain Karen – Gold Coast QLD

Tony’s BILLY 100 and his new OAT FLAKER

We used to make our flour with a rather cumbersome, less-than-satisfactory stand mixer. A year ago, I replaced it with the Hawos BILLY 100 flour mill; my wife and I are both delighted with it. Its always ready, the grinding speed is good and the flour is WONDERFUL: SILKY FINE Just yesterday, our new Eschenfelder … Read more

MAY’S Schnitzer VARIO Wedding Present

I got my Schnitzer VARIO grain mill 20 years ago in Switzerland. It was a wedding present. When I moved to Australia I took it with me and I am still using it. I had to change the capacitor once, otherwise she has never missed a beat. I used it to grind flour and roll … Read more

MARIA – can’t do without her PROOFER

Bread Proofer

I purchased my PROOFER & SLOW COOKER from Skippy Grain Mills a month ago, and quite frankly, can’t do without it.    It is perfect for maintaining a consistent temperature for my sourdough starter and the proofing process for the sourdough bread.  The size is perfect for most containers and bowls and folds up for easy … Read more

SIMON’S – sturdy reliable FARINA

KornKraft Farina Hand Mill

My feedback on the Hawos FARINA Hand Mill. An excellent sturdy and reliable hand mill……..will consistently mill flour to consistent fineness……. for me, over 8 years.It takes a bit of getting used to as it seems a bit tedious to have to mill by hand but after a while you get very fast and can … Read more

Bread Boss – the Sourdough App

Recently, Boris Gaspar of Bread Boss used a Skippy Grain Mill to grind fresh flour for their artisan sourdough. He wanted to try making their bread with freshly milled whole grain flour. Boris’ refined techniques of kneading and proofing sourdough worked very well, the resulting bread being,“unparalleled in flavour”. Milling and baking with super fresh … Read more

No Sugar Fresh Flour Bread

Over 15 years ago I was diagnosed with hypoglycaemia or low blood sugar and advised to take sugar out of my diet. Anyone who has had to do this knows that it is not an easy task. Try and go down the supermarket aisles and find packaged or tinned food without sugar! One ends up … Read more

Artisan Baking – From Grain to Bread

Michael Klausen, co-founder and driving force behind Brasserie Bread, is seriously committed to single origin bread making. He knows the importance of using freshly milled flour for home bakers;“The first test I did with the Skippy Mill was an eye opener beyond belief. Making the dough with the freshly milled flour is such a great … Read more