My first loafs of sourdough bread using WHOLEGRAIN FLOUR.

Ill never forget when I baked my first loaf.  Talk about a proud moment.  From the second I pulled the loaf from the oven, I was hooked!.  I want you to share the same feeling of accomplishment.  Once you get your sourdough starter going, you’ll get to enjoy more than just sourdough bread baked with fresh wholegrain flour from your Skippy Grain Mill.  Soon you’ll be cranking out Friday night sourdough pizza, Saturday morning bagels, taco Tuesday tortillas and so much more.

You will be able to make a variety of healthy recipes for your family, much easier than you ever dreamed possible!  The lactobacillus in the sourdough starter breaks down those proteins as the dough ferments which also reducing the physic acid.  This fermentation process makes it easier for us to digest the wheat and also helps us in absorbing as many vitamins and minerals as possible.