No Sugar Fresh Flour Bread

Over 15 years ago I was diagnosed with hypoglycaemia or low blood sugar and advised to take sugar out of my diet. Anyone who has had to do this knows that it is not an easy task. Try and go down the supermarket aisles and find packaged or tinned food without sugar! One ends up in… the fresh food section every time. Then, there was bread. It became difficult to find any decent bread that was made without sugar.

An article about bread came to my attention and revolutionised our whole lives – and so began my search for a grain mill in Australia. We had never heard of such a thing as a kitchen mill – let alone find one… eventually I heard from my dentist’s wife about a little mill her mum had used for years. So, we found and purchased our first grain mill. What an exciting thing this was – we very quickly discovered that there is simply no comparison between freshly milled whole grain flour and the flour which is used in store bought bread. No comparison on taste and nutrition. And of course, there were the immediate health benefits. Definitely no more constipation with very healthy and happy bowels plus a general sense of well being. Now in my 80’s, fresh flour continues to be one of the most important parts of my diet.
Joan M, NSW.