Bread Boss – the Sourdough App

Recently, Boris Gaspar of Bread Boss used a Skippy Grain Mill to grind fresh flour for their artisan sourdough. He wanted to try making their bread with freshly milled whole grain flour. Boris’ refined techniques of kneading and proofing sourdough worked very well, the resulting bread being,“unparalleled in flavour”. Milling and baking with super fresh stoneground was a new and exciting experience and his recipe for freshly ground wholewheat sourdough will soon be released.

Boris and Kon Gaspar, professionals in the fields of bread technology and IT, have developed the ultimate sourdough-baking authority app – Bread Boss. This is a sophisticated tool to assist passionate home-bakers, chefs and smaller bakeries including product developers.

Bread Boss features include: – Conversion table of bakers percentages to weights – Simple scaling of volume and units or by total flour available – Recipe stage alarms – Simple screen format – Photo of creation can be saved with recipe – Thriving online community of like-minded Bread Bosses – Full sourdough baking support

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Boris has taught baking in technical college for over 20 years and has traveled to Europe to learn from master bakers. His wealth of knowledge has been poured into Bread Boss for bakers to have at their finger tips. Kon facilitated this information, inspired by his own baking journey. He started to supply the weekly bread for the family and designed a program to store the recipes and calculate quantities. Now developed into a high quality app, it is offered to all sourdough enthusiasts. Boris quoted,”Give a man a loaf and you feed him for a day, give him an app and he can feed himself for life.”

According to the Gaspar brothers, beautifully crafted sourdough is without equal in flavour, texture, and aroma. Sourdough bread’s outstanding ingredient is fermented sourdough, used rather than fresh yeast, as leaven. This produces the distinctive ‘twang’ of complex flavour that tingles the tastebuds and warms the heart. Many people delight in making their own sourdough bread and enjoy the nutritional benefits and taste from the unique fermentation process. Thick and chewy, sweet and tangy, hearty and invigorating – for Boris and Kon, sourdough is the staff of life.

Currently the Bread Boss app is an Android version on the Google Play Store with the iphone/ipad version being tested. Bread Boss provides a tool for sourdough bakers to store their techniques and formulas as well as try out new ones. Any changes to the formula can be easily saved with a photo of the resulting bread. The reminder-alarms are able to be set to ringtones, music, auto-dismiss, volume crescendo etc. to help keep sourdough making on track. Also, notes and URL links can be attached to recipes. For beginners interested in making sourdough bread at home, the app includes a range of inspiring recipes, with new ones added regularly, which they can follow. Serious sourdough bakers and ardent ‘starters’ would be inspired by the mouthwatering recipes and excellent information that sets this app apart as the bread boss.

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