A very well engineered work-horse mill for larger milling needs in semi-commercial situations

This is our most popular choice for cafes, bakeries, commercial kitchens, boutique and community operations, proven now over many years for fine flour output and reliable service. Ideal ATTA flour mill.

  • 6-10 KG / Hour   capacity
  • Hopper 2500grams, with option to extend another 1,800grams (see adaptors / parts for this option)
  • 125mm diameter “corundum in ceramic” grind stones.
  • 1Hp / 750Watt commercial belt-drive single phase electric motor

Shipping cost $195.00 Includes x 2 parcels –  Australia wide

Delivery – 3-6 weeks

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Hawos Pegasus is the ideal grain mill for health food stores, health food shops, hotel kitchens, canteens and self-marketers with a greater need for fresh grind. This mill is fast, quiet (72 dB) and has a very large funnel.

For the self-service in the sales room, the Pegasus is ideally suited: select fineness level, fill grain, put bag under the outlet or fasten with clamp spring and turn on, grind, turn off.

Hawos Pegasus effortlessly grinds fine and flaky flour for you and your customers. This grain mill is very robust and designed for tough use in the trade.

Outstanding is the original design with the special superstructure. Due to this constructive nature, the funnel with the flour outlet always bends over the mill table. Flour containers up to the size of sacks can be placed underfloor and filled directly with flour from the Pegasus.

Technical Details for the hawos Pegasus

Housing Beech Multiplex
Grinding capacity for (wheat)
approx. 400 g/min
approx. 950 g/min
Hopper capacity (wheat) approx. 2500 g (expandable)
Grindstone ø (corundum ceramic stones) 125 mm
Grinder bearing Vertically mounted
Weight approx. 35 kg
Motor output / Mains Voltage 750 W (230V & 400V)
Height allowance for bowl 17 cm
Footprint Dimensions (W x D x H) 270 x 660 x 650 mm
Volume approx. 72 dB
On/Off switch With motor protection function
Surface treatment clear varnish
Guarantee 2 years (10 years if not used commercially)
Special Features Single-handed operation
Standard equipment -Special bag clasp
-hopper cover
-Allen key for use in cleaning

Note for allergy sufferers: All hawos mills are also available gluten-free ground.

Ideal for the endurance race
Hawos Pegasus always works idle and with grain in the grinder without stone contact. The millstones can not run hot. Cleaning the grinding chamber is quick and easy. The required Allen key is at hand in the mill housing. In case of service, the grinding system can be easily removed from the upper part of the mill (belt down – grinding system out). The shipping of the complete mill is therefore not necessary.

No Stone Contact – No Problems
The grinding stones in Pegasus cannot overheat because they never come in contact with each other – even when the machine is running empty. And cleaning the grain chamber is fast and easy, since the required Allen key is attached inside the mill. When it’s time for service, just loosen the drive belt and easily remove the millwork from the top of the mill housing. That way, you need to ship only the affected part.

Our Milling Technology
All Hawos mills are built to the same high standards, and employ extremely hard milling stones to grind exceedingly fine. Extra-large corundum ceramic stones, with a 125-mm (4.9-inch) diameter, are set on a highly elastic bedding: The result is extremely quiet operation, with adjustable settings that give precisely the desired fineness to your grain or flour.

A robust industrial motor and switch, along with top-quality electrical parts, assure high efficiency and security. And our motors generate little heat, even during milling

Milling Output
Pegasus mills 300 grams  per minute at the fine setting, guaranteeing short waiting times even at your busiest periods. At the coarsest setting, Pegasus delivers up to 700 grams  of milled grain per minute

Its Quiet
The patented millwork bedding in Pegasus means extremely low running noise – just 72 decibels.

By employing a drive belt, Pegasus allows the millwork and the motor to be housed separately, and the milling stones are set vertically on the mill shaft so that no brushes or leather strips are necessary to extrude the ground meal or flour. Because the heavy motor is housed below, with the millwork above, the grain is not exposed to motor heat. The milling stones (not visible in picture) ‘stand’ at the very front of the Pegasus, directly above the discharge outlet.

Pegasus‘s large hopper holds a full 2.5 kilograms  of grain and can be removed at any time – even when full, an especially handy feature when you need to change the type of grain being milled. For especially big loads, one or more extenders can be attached; each adds 1.8 kilograms  of hopper capacity.

A Solid Birch-ply Housing
A machine built for heavy commercial use needs a tough, durable housing. We use birch ply, the ideal material for wooden appliances with long life expectancy – like hawos Pegasus.

Our Clasp Keeps Your Store Clean
With the special clasp feature on hawos Pegasus, the bag for the milled grain or flour completely encloses the grain discharge outlet, avoiding wastage and helping keep the area around Pegasus tidy.
A squeeze loosens the clasp to allow easy fastening or removal of the bag. The discharge outlet has been made extra large to avoid any accumulation of loose grain on the rims.

Bag On and Away You Go
Standard, stable paper bags are ideal for Pegasus. We recommend bags with twice the capacity of the unmilled grain, since fluffy Pegasus-milled grain gives more volume.

Fully Tested
The performance of every Pegasus commercial mill is tested visually, acoustically and technically. When we make our final adjustments we run wheat through each mill to ensure hawos 90% milling efficiency standard; the DIN standard 10765 requires only 80% (fine). In other words, at least 90% percent (very fine) of the grain milled in Pegasus must pass through a laboratory sieve with 0.3-mm mesh before we ship the mill to you.

Proven Quality
After extensive testing, hawos Pegasus has been given the CE quality designation. A Pegasus mill comes with a two-year guarantee.

Additional information

Weight 40 kg
Dimensions 80 × 40 × 60 cm






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