HIPPO AU-69 Hammer Mill

The Hippo,  manufactured since 1928, has various applications,  fitted with hard wearing Bennox Steel Hammers, large integrated cast iron material handling fan – which pulls milled material from the milling chamber, then pushed to a cyclone, fitted with a sock dust bank – for practically dust free milling.

Capacity -1000- 7000 KG per hour with three drive options

  • Electric drive –Three Phase  45KW 440Volt, 50HZ
  • 53 HP Diesel Engine
  • PTO Drive


  • Food Grains including corn, wheat etc.
  • Wood – various applications such as feed for ruminants and game, very fine powder for Masonite board and particle board, chips ground down for briquettes, very fine wood for plastic/wood extrusions, fillers for glue, nut shells.
  • Cellulose for fire lighters and explosives, specialty papers, insulation and recycling from various sources.
  • Plastics – from recycling waste to conversion into fuel and pellets for remanufacture.
  • Electronics waste, hard drives, laptops, glass, metal shavings, aluminium.
  • Chemicals, pharmaceuticals, fertilisers, pigments and textile chemicals including salts, sodium nitrate and virtually all non-explosive products.

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Factory back-order 1-2 months

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Hippo Mills have hard wearing Bennox Steel Hammers spaced to run over the entire width of the screen creating higher abrasion and impact damage to particles and allowing for faster screening. The fallacy that 360 degree screens allow for higher capacity is just that. The fixed milling backplate causes far more particle damage than a perforated screen.


1. All parts are bolted together, this ensures that no vibrations are transferred into individual parts. For this reason stress cracks will not develop in the steel.

2. There are no chopping knives or flails. The material is fed directly onto the tips of the rotating hammers.

3. Special alloyed cast iron is not only able to handle abrasion better, if a part is worn – such as the milling back plate – it’s simply replaced.

The design of the HIPPO HAMMER MILL is unique in that the material is transported from the bottom of the mill housing by means of a four-bladed cast iron material handling fan fan mounted on the same shaft as the rotor and delivered to the cyclone.
A wide range of screens is available, from 25mm down to 0.6mm aperture.

Three drive options are available on the Hippo AU-69

  • Electric drive – 45KW 440Volt, 50HZ, Three Phase
  • 53 HP Diesel Engine
  •  PTO Drive

The Hippo #69 is fitted with a large integrated cast iron material handling fan – which pulls milled material from the milling chamber, and the product is then pushed to a cyclone, fitted with an 8 sock dust bank – for practically dust free milling.

Fitted on all Hippo #69’s as standard is our innovative automatic in-feed control system, that regulates the feed into the mill automatically, using the airflow from the material handling fan, to open and close the inlet of the hammer mill, depending on the airflow through the milling chamber (a fuller chamber, allows less airflow, which will then have the inlet move to a closed position preventing overfeeding. Once the milling chamber is emptied and airflow isn’t restricted anymore, the air flow will pull open the inlet again – allowing product to be fed in again – thus ensuring optimal performance from your hammer mill. 

Capacities at a glance:

Screen hole Capacity (kg/hr)
0.8mm 1 000
1.6mm 1 750
4mm 4 100
8mm 7 500

Rotor RPM: 3,900
Inlet size: 170mm x 430mm
Screen area:  4 040cm²
Tip speed at standard RPM: 104m/second

The mills are all a bolt together construction, which gives the mill an exceptionally long lifespan, and make replacing of parts easy and quick.

HIPPO HAMMER MILLS have been manufactured since 1928, and parts are readily available from our warehouse, usually within 24 hour from order. HIPPO HAMMER  from models Baby up to Size 69 are based on cast iron milling plates, which drastically increases the lifespan of the mill, compared to competitors that are manufactured of plate steel and welded together.

The Hippo 69 is a largest model in the commercial range of mills, with high capacity, and high quality parts. All milling tips are manufactured from Bennox (or optionally Hardox for highly abrasive materials) to ensure long lifetime on these parts.

All shafts and rotors are dynamically balanced before installation into the mill – to ensure minimal vibration and noise levels