ME FLOCKER Flaker Attachment


A great compact Flaker for fresh seed meals and the ability make fresh rolled oats.
80 grams per minute flaker output, Hopper 900g
20mm Ø – Plated Steel Flaking Roller

Works with the ME table mount Hand Drive (see hand mill page)

Also works with an adaptor on your Kenwood or KitchenAid electric stand mixer


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Messerschmidt Flakers have a family history of generations. The simple and robust design has stood the test of time, providing flaking functions for grains, seeds and hard dry nuts.

The ME Flaker makes easy work of pressing whole oat kernels into freshly rolled oats. The pressing is preset to medium. The hopper holds up to 900g of oat kernels.

ME Flakers can be used on modern kitchen stand mixers, or the ME Hand Drive system, therefore versatile for both electric and hand use.

Select the adaptor to suit your Kenwood or KitchenAid modern electric stand mixer

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