Bike Pedal your way to fresh flour.
Replacing the exercise bike at home and at the same time offers multiple uses. Read the newspaper, work on a laptop or watch TV while boosting fitness, just get seated on a comfortable chair and you’re good to you.

The chain drive in combination with the 125 mm grinding stones ensures soft, fine flour without much effort. The pedals are adjustable in length. Designed for all age groups and all age groups

  • 75-250 grams per minute fine flour output @ 100RPM
  • 1850 gram Hopper
  • 125mm Diameter – Corundum-in-Ceramic milling stones

Factory Back-Order 4-6 weeks

Available on back-order


Technical Details

Housing Beech multiplex
Grinding capacity for (wheat)
approx. 75 g/min
approx. 170 g/min
Hopper capacity (wheat) approx. 3300 g
Grindstone ø (corundum ceramic stones) 125 mm
Weight approx. 24 kg
Height allowance for bowls 28 cm
Dimensions(W x D x H) 640 x 610 x 550 mm
Surface treatment Linseed oil varnish
Guarantee 10 years for private use
1 year commercial use