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Why use a grain mill?

Experience the unparalleled taste of bread made with freshly milled flour. When you mill grains in the comfort of your own home, you ensure the highest level of freshness, flavour, and nutrition. Home-ground flour retains more of the grain’s original nutrients, including fibre, vitamins, and minerals, compared to store-bought flour. Customise your flour to suit your baking needs, whether you prefer fine or coarse textures or enjoy experimenting with different grains.

Benefits Beyond Flavour

It’s true. Freshly milled flour enhances the taste of your baked goods, bread, pasta, and more with its pronounced flavour and freshness. But also, grain mills can process a wide variety of grains like wheat, corn, rice, oats, barley, and buckwheat, allowing you to create unique flours for diverse recipes.

Investing in a grain flour mill provides long-term savings, especially if you love specialty or organic breads and pastas, making it a valuable addition to your kitchen.

Hand Mills

Hand-mills offer a quiet, enjoyable, and rewarding experience. They connect you to traditional methods, fostering appreciation for craftsmanship while providing complete control over flour texture and consistency. Portable and low-maintenance, they enhance your baking journey.

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Electric Mills

Electric mills provide convenience and reliability, effortlessly grinding large quantities of grains with consistent texture. They’re versatile for wheat, seeds, nuts, and spices, making them perfect for culinary creativity. Simple maintenance ensures lasting performance.

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Skippy offers hand and electric bench top cereal flakers for gently rolling oats and other grains. Create additive-free, nutritious cereals, porridge, and baking ingredients, ensuring the freshest possible results.

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Still not sure?

Explore our top picks for a hand mill, electric mill, and cereal flaker. Each offers unique benefits, ensuring fresh, nutritious ingredients and enhancing your baking and cooking experience.

Schnitzer Country Hand Mill

The Schnitzer COUNTRY is our mid-size hand mill using the massive basalt stone as the main body of the mill. Features include a long-handle with spinning timber grip, heavy duty double table-clamp and a mass of 8kg on a wide solid beechwood timber footprint – offering stability and robust performance. Build quality and function is typically high with this European mill, the design standing the test of time for over 30 years.

Flour output from, self sharpening deep-conical Naxos Basalt in magnesite grind stones and controlled from an infinitely-variable front adjustment knob. The cone shaped stones have special diminishing groves that make grinding easy, giving you complete control over the grind speed, allowing you to achieve the desired flour texture and consistency at the same time offering a more active and engaging experience compared to using electric mills.

Manufactured in Germany, using beechwood and basalt with an average capacity of between 75 to 100 grams per minute at 100 rpm.

Hawos Oktagon 1 Premium Electric Mill

This mid-size electric mill is perfect for a family of 3-5 persons.

The Hawos OKTAGON 1 PREMIUM features a striking Solid Beechwood housing with an octagonal and rounded shape, naturally finished in Linseed Oil. Using large self-sharpening 100mm mill grind stones, the OKTAGON 1 Premium produces very fine flours from a wide variety of grains; for all the regular grains like wheat, rye, buckwheat, barky and spelt etc., and is very good for other items like, lentils and corn etc.

Fine to coarse flours are possible with the infinitely adjustable millwork with an output of 100 – 200 grams per minute. Fine flour output translates into more options for better bread baking, sourdough starters, finer baked items and spice grinds etc.

Example Flaker

The Eschenfelder Table Flaker WD is an exceptional mill. Considered by many to be the best hand flaker in the world, they represent a lifetime investment in whole-grain health.

Each grain is opened by gently squeezing, and the precious seed oils (carriers of nutrients and enzymes) remain intact.

Strong and versatile, all cereals can be pressed/crushed (except popping corn), dry or damp, and oily seeds, spices etc. The design is very simple & robust, using 2 counter rotating large 50mm Stainless Steel rollers, the mill is very easy to turn with the longer handle length. There are few moving parts – one roller is driven directly by the handle, with the other roller free-wheeling as the grains are pressed through. The rollers are adjusted to a gap of between ~ 0.3-1.5mm, cross-hatching on the rollers is fine and precise. Incorporated into the output chute are two scrapers, very well designed to prevent material from sticking to the rollers – particularly helpful for damp or oily pressings like linseed.

Two wing nuts adjust the pressure of the flaking rollers, making flat or slightly pressed grains with ease.

The timber frame and base is solid Beechwood finished in natural Linseed Oil, as is the hopper (WD) which can be removed if needed for easy cleaning of the rollers. The table clamp requires a table thickness of no more than 4.5cm.

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“My stone grain mill arrived today just two days after ordering. I really appreciate your good service and this machines is a high quality product that looks good and works well.”

Jason, NSW

“Many thanks for the wonderful grain mill I purchased some weeks ago from you. It works beautifully and the resulting flour/flakes are incomparable to any shop-bought produce. The fussy family even enjoys the resultant bread (one teen will only eat my bread!).”

Margaret, SA