The perfect solution for in store dispensing grains and spices. Glass tubes available in 23, 37 and 50 cm lengths. Diameters 12, 15 and 20 cm. Easily removed for cleaning.

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The perfect solution to offer unpackaged goods.

Our silos are 100% plastic-free and visually enhance the contents with their high-quality appearance and increase the well-being of customers. Whether at home, in a hotel, unpackaged or plastic-free shops, the glass silos from Hawos are the ideal food dispenser.

Elegantly made of beech wood multiplex with a high-quality glass tube and stainless steel components, the silo fits freely into any gap thanks to its narrow design or covers entire walls when hung in series.

Regardless of whether as a single vessel for grain or for packaging-free filling in the shop. The silo system can be expanded as required, is always ready to hand, clear and hygienic – and of course 100% plastic & BPA free.

Hawos glass silos are always there when shops open across Europe.

There are outlets with a diameter of 30, 45, 64 and 89 mm available to make the dosing of the quantity as easy as possible.

By pressing the lever, the flow rate can be regulated continuously from 0-100%. The larger the diameter, the more volume can flow through it per second, so it is advisable to choose the diameter that perfectly matches the product, e.g. 30 mm for very small products such as amaranth & quinoa, 45 mm for many types of grain, 64 mm for larger ones Filling goods such as nuts & muesli, as well as the 89 mm outlet for very large filling goods such as pasta.

Various locking systems are all made of solid stainless steel and have an integrated spring (removable) to automatically stop the filling process and make portioning child’s play.

The glass tubes are available in 23, 37 and 50 cm lengths and are made of DURAN® glass (DURAN is a registered trademark of the Duran Group). Our glass tubes come with a diameter of 12, 15 and 20 cm. All glass tubes can be easily removed for cleaning.