KoMo FLICKFLOC Table Mount Flaker


The FLICFLOC our PREMIUM cereal flaker with its two conical nickel-free stainless steel roller set handles a great variety of grains including oats, wheat, rye, spelt etc. Can even process pseudo cereals such as quinoa. 

A PREMIUM Cereal Flaker. Designed for a one-person family

  • 80-120 grams per minute output
  • 100 gram hopper capacity
  • Stainless Steel Rollers and Axles
  • 1.7KG weight
  • Multiplex Beech wood housing
  • 10 year warranty
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Do you love oatmeal? Us too! And because freshly crushed oat flakes have significantly more nutrients and taste better, we can easily prepare them ourselves in no time. For example for our muesli or porridge. With a flake squeezer like the FlicFloc, this is extremely easy and quick: you put the whole grain into the funnel, turn the crank a few times and enjoy your freshly squeezed oat flakes falling into the bottom of the glass. It couldn’t be easier!

By the way, you can not only crush oats with the FlicFloc flake squeezer, but of course also pretty much any other grain. No matter whether wheat, rye, spelt, green kernels, etc. But that’s not all, seeds and kernels can also be wonderfully processed into flakes (e.g. linseed, hemp seeds, sesame, poppy seeds and many others). Even pseudo-grains such as quinoa and amaranth can be processed Process FlicFloc. This means you can simply prepare your muesli fresh in the morning!

Pretty crazy: that’s right, the wheel no longer needs to be reinvented. But is that reason enough to stick with cylindrical rollers for eternity, or should you save yourself the effort and make cranking child’s play? The choice wasn’t difficult for us: now two conical, nickel-free stainless steel rollers rotate in high-quality ball bearings. Almost by itself. Simply attach the FLICFLOC to the table with a clamp and off you go. Supplied with screw clamp and matching glass.

Please note that the flake density of the FlicfFloc is already set to an optimum for medium-thick flakes and cannot be changed. In addition, it is not possible to operate the FlicFloc optimally without attaching it to the edge of a table using a screw clamp.

Additional information

Weight 4 kg
Dimensions 20 × 31 × 33 cm