Hawos TONI Sprouting Germination Set


Harvest when the life force is at its highest! Like in the garden soil, the seeds lie in Hawos TONI dark and damp. The fired clay can absorb 10% of its weight in water and gradually pass it on to the seedlings.

The vital substances multiply like in nature: the enzymes present in the seeds are activated. Vitamins, ferments, proteins and carbohydrates are present in the greatest possible amount when the germs start to sprout.

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Hawos TONI sprouting clay germinator

Copied from nature: germs and sprouts in the ingenious clay germination system – fresh on the table every day


Natural clay from Westerwald Germany. It is fired at such a temperature that it becomes hard enough and still remains open-pored. So the clay can absorb 10% of its weight in water. The bottom shells are covered on the inside with a lead-free glaze and are therefore waterproof.

Germination conditions in hawos germination devices:

They are similar to the natural conditions in the earth. Good ventilation is ensured by the pores of the clay, the absorbency of the material ensures even moisture without the seeds lying in the water.

The best results:

Only seeds from controlled organic cultivation should be used as they are not mixed with chemicals. Normal tap water is sufficient, but you will achieve the best results with water that is nitrate-free and contains little lime (the lime could clog the pores in the long run).

Instructions for hawos germination trays

Depending on the seeds and room temperature, germination takes 2 – 7 days until the sprouts are harvested. Instead of filling all germination trays with seeds at the same time, you can offset the seeds over 3 days in order to spread the harvest over several days.
As a rule, the seeds should be rinsed once a day under running water, please note the guidelines that come with your seeds, as some varieties should be watered more often.

Cleaning the seeds:

Fill a vessel with water, add the seeds and stir them so that you can easily skim off any plant parts and pods at the top. Often only a tablespoon of seeds is needed to fill the germinator completely, as the seeds grow very rapidly.

Soaking the clay seed tray:

The germination bowl is placed in the water for about 10 minutes so that the clay soaks up with water, which ensures a favorable climate during germination.

Do you need to soak the seeds ?:

Most seeds (except cress and oats, for example) require an extended period of soaking in water before sowing. This is done, for example, in a cup or a glass.

Distribute seeds:

Scatter the seeds in the germinator and rinse the bowls with the seeds in them under running water. If you are using very small seeds which can fall through the perforations in the germination tray or block them, place the seeds on a piece of cheesecloth or something similar that can be easily removed after swelling.

The lid:

The lid is useful during germination to create the natural environment like in the earth. To z. For example, to achieve green & chlorophyll-containing seedlings with cress and alfalfa, the cover is removed one day before harvest and the individual seed trays are exposed to light.

Harvest day:

During the germination days you got to know your seedlings well by rinsing them several times and you have observed their growth. The taste of the seedlings changes every day. You can end the germination period at any time according to your taste. The harvested seedlings can be kept in the refrigerator for a few days.

Cleaning the germinator:

After harvesting, the used trays, including the bottom tray, should be brushed off with a stiff brush under running water. Changes in color in the clay do not affect germination. Occasionally, thorough washing with vinegar water is recommended. A needle can help if the holes in the germination trays are blocked!

Technical specifications

hawos Toni hawos clay germinator
scope of application Sprouts / germs
material volume
– germination trays
– bottom tray
– lid
140 mm
140 mm
140 mm
155 mm
180 mm
160 mm
Set contains 1x bottom
tray 3x germination tray
1x lid
warranty 2 years

Additional information

Weight 1.7 kg
Dimensions 18 × 18 × 20 cm

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